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Are you ready to make the most of your solar panels? It’s easy.
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Make the most of your solar panels

  • Getting your electricity from solar panels is great. But what do you do with excess electricity?
  • The potential of solar panels goes beyond providing your home with electricity. The two major products are described here.

Get even more from your panels

In addition to solar panels and the Feed in Tariff, there are three other major products that we provide to give you solar powered hot water:

Solar powered free hot water

Installing these systems in your home will mean that excess electricity can be syphoned off and used to heat your home’s water. Not only will you be saving money on your electricity, you’ll be saving money on your hot water. It doesn’t add any more solar panels to the installation, we just have to fit a control panel and a sensor, which can fit neatly into your airing cupboard.

How does it work?

Using wireless signals the sensor will tell the system when to start water heating. The system intelligently adjusts the flow of energy to the immersion heater, so it will only ever use excess electricity generated by the solar panels.

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Below an image of a sun beam lens flare illuminating some solar panels is an energy efficiency graph

The energy efficiency rating is a measure of the overall efficiency of a home. The higher the rating the more energy efficient the home is and the lower the fuel bills are likely to be. All of our products are designed to move your home up the scale.

The future is here: reduce your utility bills with solar power