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Get solar panels and start saving on bills sooner with our finance options.
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Two men on a rooftop intently inspecting a solar panel

Finance to get you started

  • In today’s world, everyone should be able to have solar panels. Both to lower their monthly bills and to protect the environment.
  • Our finance options are tailored to your needs, with zero deposits and flexible payment options to help you pay less and start reaping the rewards of solar panels.

A loan? What’s the catch?

The word loan can be a scary one. It brings to mind ideas of debt and increased monthly outgoings. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We keep the cost of our loans down to open up the option of getting solar panels installed. It wouldn’t be in either your benefit or ours if our loans were too expensive. We want to get you set up with solar power, so give us a ring if you’re not sure.

So, it’s a safe investment?

You’re generating electricity right on your roof, and benefitting from it directly. This means that you’re less reliant on the national grid, and therefore less vulnerable to price increases from the electric companies. Their prices will go up, and you’ll hardly notice a difference in your monthly outgoings. It really is one of the most secure investments you can make.

Do I need to tell my energy provider?

All energy companies need to be informed if you're getting a Feed in Tariff. Solar panels will affect the amount of electricity they need to provide you, but they also need to know if you're going to be putting electricity back into the national grid. Don't worry though, we have forms for most energy companies, or we can take care of it for you. Just a couple of details is all we'll need, and then you'll be all set.


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A sun beam lens flare illuminating some solar panels

The future is here: reduce your utility bills with solar power

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