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We’ll keep your solar panels running for decades, ensuring long-term savings.
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A lone workman affixing a solar panel to a roof

Aftercare for all

Taking good care of your solar panels is necessary for continued peak efficiency. A well-designed and correctly installed system can give you trouble free solar power for at least 20 years. A solar PV module set up can last over 30 years. Our aftercare package is intended to ensure these lifecycles for your solar panels.

What about maintenance?

Solar panels don’t need a huge amount of maintenance. What maintenance they do need has to be done by a qualified solar panel technician. When you get solar panels installed with us, you get access to our aftercare service, which will ensure that your solar panels always receive the maintenance they need to remain at peak efficiency year on year.

Is there anything I need to do?

The solar panels we install are self-cleaning so they require minimum maintenance. Rainwater usually clears off dust and debris from solar panel thanks to a special coating applied to the surface.

How do I tell my energy provider?

British Gas, E.ON, nPower, they all need to know if you're getting a Feed In Tariff. But don't worry, we have all the forms you need to fill out: just click on your energy provider's icon below and print the form. If you have any difficulties or if you change your mind, we can take care of the registration process for you. All you'll need to do is give us a quick call, a couple of details, and then sit back and relax.


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A sun beam lens flare illuminating some solar panels

The future is here: reduce your utility bills with solar power